Nokia C3, Nokia X5 And Nokia E72 Promo
Nokia C3, Nokia X5 And Nokia E72 Discount Promo Price at Nokia Store and Global Teleshop With Mega

Nokia Store and Global Teleshop offer special discount promo price with Mega for Nokia C3, Nokia X5 and Nokia E72.
The customer would get 0% installment up to 12 months.
The promo price is valid from 29 October - 1 November 2010.
Nokia E72 Rp3,515,000
Nokia X5 Rp1,852,000
Nokia C3 Rp1,140,000

iPhone 4 White Color Popped Up for Reservation on Apple Store But Now Disappeared

iPhone 4 White color reported popped up for reservation on Apple Store but now disappeared.
When it popped up, some tried to make a reservation but failed to continue.
The price of iPhone 4 White colors on the disappeared list are from USD199 for 16GB and from USD299 for 32GB.
This accident remarks that iPhone 4 Color would available soon.

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